Classic Flooring Trends to Consider 

One of the most vital design elements in your house is the flooring. It makes your home alive. Aside from showing your personality, floors also set the tone of your home.  

For those who don’t know, the look and finish of your flooring create a first physical interaction with that space. It’s also one of the biggest areas of your house. Thus, it plays a huge part in setting the budget for your home.  

Whether you want to upgrade the look of your current home or plan to sell it in the future, replacing your floors can be a wise investment.  

However, before you hire a flooring contactor Monroe, here are some classic flooring trends to consider: 

Concrete Floors 

Concrete flooring has been given a total makeover for this year, despite its connection with gritty warehouses and industrial areas. Concrete floors are a surprising introduction to the trends since they look edgy and unusual while also providing an appealing and warm vibe to the area. And believe us when we say they look great. 

When done in a simple style with basic color palettes, these floors look fantastic. You do not need to use only one color. To give your home a retro vibe, mix and match brightly clashing hues. These colors, together with the gritty concrete texture, give them a sleek and sophisticated appearance. 

Tile Floors 

Tile floors have long topped the trend charts due to their versatility in terms of shapes, designs, and textures. This year, we’re seeing more unprocessed and raw wood looks in tiles, which inspire a feeling of earthiness and tranquility. Soft greens and blues are the newest colors to hit the trends, alongside natural classics such as warm coffee browns and dark beiges. 

Gemstone-colored tiles are still popular this year. These are large tiles that are made to seem like precious stones and marble with a high gloss. 

Vinyl Floors 

Vinyl flooring has always reigned the flooring business, from being a sturdy and functional flooring solution to something that meets any budget. Luxury vinyl flooring remains popular, particularly in colors that resemble wood. A realistic wood-like finish with an earthy, reclaimed, or weathered appearance is popular right now. In terms of color, the comfortable and traditional honey, chocolate browns, and gray-blacks have shifted from cooler to warmer tones. 

Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood flooring has a timeless elegance that will not go out of style. Wood flooring will be significantly deeper and earthier tones this year, giving them a lovely cabin-like rustic appeal. Dark browns, grays, and hues with red undertones fall into this category. 

Antique brown, coffee brown, Ebony, or dark walnut are the hues of the year for those opting for even darker tones. 

If you like bold patterns, you can replace the standard side-by-side arrangement of floor wood pieces with multicolored blocks of wood for a home with a bold accent. Chevron and Herringbone patterns are becoming more popular. 

However, you will need to properly install hardwood flooring to be able to get the benefits that it provides.